Angels Do Exist

by swellsbennett

The last week has been a hard one for our family, but hospice made it bearable. Few things are more heart wrenching than watching a loved one die, especially when he or she is unable to tell you if they are in pain. The nurses and doctors who come to a terminal patient’s bedside are angels of mercy to them and to their families.

When my paternal grandfather passed away a few years ago as a result of cancer, Hospice of the Valley took excellent care of him. The facility in which he spent his last few days was clean, and his room — all the rooms, in fact — more closely resembled a bedroom than a hospital room. When another member of our family approached the end of his life recently, the family opted to care for him at home for as long as possible. My husband chose to contact Hospice of the Valley again; they immediately sent out nurses to evaluate the patient’s condition and provide drugs to ease his pain.

My advice to anyone caring for a terminally ill loved one would be: don’t wait to call hospice. If you happen to be in Arizona, call Hospice of the Valley.