Let’s Talk about Food

by swellsbennett

Dan hates it when I write about the family. So I won’t…at least, not today. Suffice it to say that all prayers and positive thoughts in support of the Bennetts are welcome.

In the meantime, let me tell you about a wonderful place Dan and I have recently discovered: Nineveh Restaurant. It’s located at the corner of 99th Avenue and Peoria, and, if it had been there a year ago, I would have written it into my Brass Monkey series as Milo and Claire’s favorite restaurant. Their gyro plate is the best I’ve ever eaten. the meat is moist and flavorful without being greasy. The bed of yellow rice is perfectly spiced — I wish someone would tell me the secret to making it. Mine never comes out like this.

If you go, don’t miss the appetizers. Their dolmas — a rice mixture wrapped in grape leaves — are amazing. Dan tells me that the key is the grape leaves: if they are prepared right, the dish is always good. I’ll have to take his word for it. But their hummus is perfect — not to be missed.

Our server, Martina, has been extremely friendly and helpful on all of our visits to the restaurant. She and the rest of the staff strive to deliver a wonderful experience for every guest. If you have never eaten Middle-Eastern cuisine, let this be your first experience. If you try gyro here, your standards will be set far above the average.

I think I’ll try the shwarma next time.