A Winter Interlude

by swellsbennett

I’ve had a hard time writing this week. My concentration has been completely off for the last few days, leading me to think this may be the onset of my annual bout of winter blues.

It seems to me that this is the same way I used to feel when I was waiting for spring break back in school. I can still remember staring out the large windows in my high-school geometry class and wishing that spring would arrive just a little sooner.

Spring brings color back into the world. Even in the Sonoran Desert, spring is a beautiful time of year. The wildflowers blossom on the sides of the roads, the cactus across the street from me bursts into white flowers, and the quail that live in my front yard suddenly have half a dozen babies following after them in quick-moving trains.

But right now, it’s cold – at least to us Phoenicians. The desert is mostly brown and an unhealthy shade of green. The plants in my yard look more than a little frostbitten. And my words seem to trickle out instead of flowing with the rush and gush of a river.

Just twenty-five more days of winter…

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Ugh. (Photo credit: dog.breath)

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