Our Other Dog

by swellsbennett

Our office was originally meant to be a library/office. Dan and I intended to put two comfortable – possibly reclining – reading chairs in here. However, after giving a little thought to the matter, we decided to hold off on that plan because the office is also Scrappy’s primary residence.

Who is Scrappy, you ask? Scrappy is the half-terrier-half-werewolf Dan rescued before we met. He didn’t mean to rescue him – it just sort of happened. One day, Dan was out jogging. (I can only assume he took up jogging as an excuse to stay out of the house he shared with his first wife, since he hasn’t shown much of a proclivity to jog in the nearly nine years we’ve been together.) As he rounded a corner, a beat-up-looking pup began trotting along behind him. He had apparently been run over, because he was missing a strip of fur down his back. His tongue was swollen from dehydration. Yet, the little guy just kept trotting along next to Dan as if he were perfectly okay.

A block later, the pup wandered over to a fenced yard containing three other small dogs. About that time, the gate to the yard slid open and the owner’s car pulled up the driveway. The stray dog took the opportunity to slip into the yard. Dan sighed with relief, thinking that the owner would surely take care of the pup, since she was clearly a dog lover. Dan jogged on. As he turned the next corner though, he saw the woman drop the stray over the fence and back onto the street. Now feeling sorry for the poor thing, Dan stopped and waited for the pup to catch up with him.

When he got home, Dan bundled the dog up and took him to the vet, who told him the dog was seriously dehydrated but was otherwise okay. The vet estimated he was about a year old. Dan decided to nurse him back to health. He named the dog Scrappy.

Scrappy is a sweet-tempered animal, but he’s not attractive. He has a protruding lower jaw that causes his incisors to stick out menacingly and his black-gray coat is unruly under the best conditions. When we first read the Harry Potter novels, Dan and I decided that Scrappy was actually Padfoot. My friend Nikki always gives him extra love because she feels sorry for him. However, even she thinks he looks like a werewolf.

Scrappy is now at least twelve years old. He has slowed down some, but I wouldn’t call him a calm dog. And he thinks that any furniture in the office is essentially his to do with as he pleases. Therefore, we decided to hold off on the comfy recliners…until he is gone. Instead, we put a black leather loveseat Dan had owned before we were together in the office. For the last few years, he and Dewey would both lay on it while I wrote.

A few months ago though, we decided to remove the loveseat. We gave Scrappy a blanket to sleep on instead, but he didn’t really like it. He kept trying to scrunch it up into something thicker and softer than that particular blanket was ever meant to be. Also, the blanket wasn’t big enough for all three dogs to share, which inevitably led to little squabbles between them. So, this past weekend, we bought a big dog pillow. Now, by all rights, this pillow should be big enough for all three dogs to sleep on. However, there seems to be some dispute about to whom the pillow belongs.

At least Scrappy has a comfortable bed when Dewey and Truman aren’t in the office with him.


That’s Truman in the softest spot. Scrappy is the one in the foreground with only his paws on the pillow.

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