And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor…

by swellsbennett

My latest novel, Just One Note, is now available! It’s a tale that grew out of an email I received last spring. It had no sender and was dated 12/31/69. Most people would have dismissed it as a computer glitch, but I began to wonder if someone from the future was trying to get a message through. That thought germinated and grew this novel:

Just One Note


What if, on a particular day in the future, you could send an email that would change your past? What would you change? How many lifetimes would it take for your life to be perfect?

Diana spent her life married to her college sweetheart – a dream who believed that such a day was coming. She gave up her musical and theatrical aspirations to bear his three sons. Now, at last, the day Joe said was coming has arrived.

Should she hit send?

Digital copies of this novel at Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99 now. It will be available through other vendors in the coming weeks.

The print version is also available at Amazon for just $9.99.

Thank you, and I now return you to my regularly scheduled programming.