Happy 2013!

by swellsbennett

First and foremost, Happy New Year, Dear Readers! I hope you enjoy a happy, healthy 2013. Is anyone else concerned about this being the thirteenth year of the new century?

Good. I’m glad it’s just me.

Let’s start the new year by looking back. In 2012, I completed the first drafts of three novels, which isn’t too shabby. I started this blog at the end of June, and a few of you found me over the past six months. In case you only recently stumbled across me, here are the most popular entries of the past year:

  1. Scorpion Queen – if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live with an infestation of poisonous scorpions, this entry is for you.
  2. 10 Ways to Recognize a Native Arizonan – not that you’d want to.
  3. Diapers are Optional – about being childless in a family-centric universe.
  4. Happily Ever After – about the perils of children’s fairytales.
  5. Baby Ate the Cow – my personal favorite, involving my mother and a grazing bovine.

And here’s one you probably missed but shouldn’t have: Superdog and the Gate.

One of the best things we did this year was adopt a new fur-baby. Truman Jack joined the family in September and he has been raising heck around here ever since.

Dan and I celebrated our eighth year together and our seventh anniversary. Despite his inability to “stay-cation,” he’s still my soulmate. There’s no one on earth I’d rather sit at home with.

My goals for the next year are as follows:

  • I’m going to write a sequel to Forsaking the Garden, one of my earlier novels.
  • I will lose at least twenty pounds.
  • I will continue to post on this blog twice weekly, every Wednesday and Saturday – so stay tuned.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (Photo credit: Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi)

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