US Citizen? Vote!

by swellsbennett

I cast my first vote for the United States president in 1992. I was twenty and still idealistic. I bet you know who I voted for.

I have voted in every presidential election since then – and at least some of the off-year elections. I didn’t always vote for one party or the other, and I have never voted a straight red or blue ticket. Even though I live in a state that traditionally goes red, I have never thought that my vote didn’t mean something – even if it only meant something to me. I look at the candidates and I try to determine which ones align best with my vision of America’s future. I know that my vision isn’t shared by every American, but that’s the beauty of our system: we all get a voice, even if it gets drowned out by the majority.

This election has been extremely divisive. In fact, I’ve never, in my lifetime, seen the lines drawn so distinctly between the parties. I’ve never seen Americans so rabidly red or blue. It’s a little disturbing to me, and yet I know that I myself have been guilty of similar rabidity.

Here’s what I know for sure: on Wednesday morning, none of the rhetoric will matter anymore. We will have elected a man to lead our nation for the next four years. Half the country will be celebrating, and the other half will have a political hangover.

And anyone who had the right to vote and didn’t should be ashamed of themselves, no matter who their candidate would have been.

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