Puppies…Like Meth, but Cuddlier

by swellsbennett

For all of my husband’s good traits (and, believe me, there are a multitude of them), he does have a few quirks that occasionally throw a certain amount of turmoil my way. Puppy-browsing is one of these habits that can make — and has made — me crazy.

I only look at puppies when I am seriously considering making a purchase. Okay – this is not entirely true. I puppy-browse at pet stores and never intend to buy because (a) I disapprove of pet stores and (b) the prices are way out of my range for what I’m willing to spend on a dog. Dan, on the other hand, regularly cruises Craig’s List for hits of puppy cuteness – which he then shares with me.

I am a dog addict. I feel about puppies the way alcoholics feel about their next drink – I want what I know I shouldn’t have. My last four dog purchases have been a direct result of Dan’s puppy-browsing habits. Because if you repeatedly show me puppies, I will eventually need a puppy.

That’s right – I said four puppies…in eight years. Don’t judge me.

Mimi, the pug we bought not long after we first met, was a poor fit for us. Dan, as it turns out, finds shedding dogs unbearable to live with. We re-homed her with my cousin, who has had a succession of pugs with “M” names: Mugsy, Molly, Maya, and Mimi.

We got Dewey, a Shih Tzu, while I was finishing college in 2006. He was named for a character in a book – a politician named Dewey Knot – in case you are wondering. He turned six on the ninth and is a well-loved and permanent member of the family. Dan thinks he favors me over him, and he’s probably right.

Last spring, we were driving down Grand Avenue when Dan spotted a woman selling a litter of poodle puppies. We stopped to check them out and a little black female puppy literally threw herself at Dan’s feet, proclaiming her undying love for him. I couldn’t resist – we went home with Lola. When my brother- and sister-in-law walked over to meet the new addition, a love triangle was formed – my sister-in-law couldn’t picture life without Lola. The next day, Lola moved in with them, though she visits our home regularly and still adores Dan.

So, this past weekend, Dan was cruising Craig’s List again. He spotted a litter of Maltese-Shih Tzu puppies and showed them to me. Within a few hours, I was practically pacing the floor, jonesing for puppy breath. Never mind that he was “just showing” me the pictures. Never mind that the puppies in question lived an hour and a half away. I wanted…no, I needed a puppy. Not just any puppy, either – the puppy in the picture with the fluffy hair and cute Shih Tzu face!

I called and made the arrangements and Dan, my sister-in-law, and I piled in the car and headed to the far edge of the east valley. When we arrived, we were greeted by the parents – an adorable little Shi Tzu mama and a slightly irritable Maltese daddy – and three cute-as-a-button pups. Their humans – a very nice couple who welcomed us into their home so that we could acquaint ourselves with our puppy options – explained that they had waited just a little too long before having the Maltese daddy neutered. The parents and their puppies were clean and healthy and obviously well socialized. Before long, the smallest of the remaining pups made an imprint on both Dan and me.

So please join us in welcoming Truman Jack Bennett to the family. He is adjusting well and hasn’t made a single “mistake” in the house yet. His big brother Dewey seems genuinely fond of him, too. Complete puppy spoilage cannot be far behind.

Truman makes himself at home.

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