Fall Approaches and My Spirits Rise

by swellsbennett

I love the idea of September. I’ve always liked the “-ber” months, probably because my birthday falls in November and is followed quickly by the holiday season. September signals the shortening of days for me – even though I know that sunrise and sunset have been gradually approaching one another for more than a month by now.

Years ago now – nearly twenty-five, in fact – I experienced my first true fall in Nevada, Missouri, as a freshman at CotteyCollege. The leaves on the trees changed color and the weather turned brisk. I’m sure my fellow students thought I was a little strange – I walked around in awe as nature put on her annual performance.

September in Arizona is a different experience. There aren’t many outward signs of the changing seasons. In fact, if you were to stand at my living-room window and watch a year go by at warp speed, you would be hard-pressed to notice a difference in the passing months. Spring would be easiest to spot – the cactus across the street blooms in March or April.

The real way to differentiate between the seasons is to step outside. I used to tell my friends that Arizona only has two seasons: summer and hell. September is the month when hell begins to recede and summer takes its first few tentative steps. The high temperatures drop to the low hundreds, occasionally dipping into the nineties. The roads become busier, both with school buses and the first wave of snowbirds winging their way back to the many retirement communities found in the state. And life in general becomes more pleasant.

So, for my fellow fall fanciers, let’s forget the misery of summer and revel in the beauty of the “-ber” months. Thank you for continuing to read my blog, and I promise to share some of my upcoming outdoor adventures – with pictures – very soon.

English: View of the Sonoran Desert approx. 30...

The desert: this is pretty much how it always looks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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