She Looks Good for Her Age

by swellsbennett

Fuzzy recently became a great-great-grandmother, thanks to my eldest cousin’s eldest daughter. The baby, who is named after Grandma (and no, they aren’t calling her “Fuzzy”), is pretty cute, for a baby. Now is a good time to note that your faithful blogger is NOT a mother, nor have I ever changed a diaper in my long life – and I plan to keep it that way. So, as I said, for a baby, this one looks good.

Everywhere we go these days, Grandma pulls out a picture of her great-great-grandbaby and shows her off. Generally, people are polite – they ooh and aah and coo over the picture and congratulate my grandmother. (Though, to be honest, I never understand why people are congratulated for grandchildren – after all, if the grandma or grandpa had anything to do with the conception, that’s just wrong.) Some offer the more appropriate response of, “You must be so proud.” I like that one better.

Anyway, Grandma recently had the opportunity to show off the baby’s picture to another shopper while standing in a grocery-store line. When she shared that this darling little girl was her great-great-grandchild, the other woman said in a vaguely insulting tone, “You must have all started early!”

Grandma was incensed; while it is unusual that, in that particular lineage, each of the generations is almost exactly twenty years apart, Grandma didn’t see the relatively close generations as socially unacceptable. But she had no suitable comeback for the occasion, so she stewed in silence.

A few days later, she came to see me and told me the story. “Did she know how old you were?” I asked.


“Clearly, she assumed you were younger than you are. Take it as a compliment! The next time someone says that, just say, ‘Why, thank you! I know I look young for my age, but it’s always nice to hear!’”

Grandma laughed, then thought about it and laughed again. “By George, I think I’ll do that!”

So, if you are ever in line with a woman who is showing you a picture of her great-great-granddaughter, don’t insult a branch of her family tree by insinuating there was a streak of teen pregnancies. If you do, you might just get slapped down by a quick comeback!

Or punched in the nose. Hard to tell with Grandma, sometimes.

(Photo credit: Theresa Howes)

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